Mojave Desert – First stop, Barstow, CA, KOA

First stop: Barstow, California.

The sky is a blue I have not seen since I left Arizona in February. The clouds are a blazing white in the heat. Both air-conditioners are going full blast. The desert mountains in the distance are my backdrop, the brush rock and sand are my present.

Mojave (ma-HA-vi or mo-HA-vi) means ‘High Desert’ in the language of the Mojave Indians who used to inhabit this region.

There is nothing here except a small tourist attraction, the Calico Ghost Town. Children can pan for gold, see places where reality is distorted and water runs uphill.

The cats are sunbathing. I would desperately like to close the blinds on that side of Serenity, to lessen the heat, but they are too happy to be disturbed. I placed my hand on Alias and his fur was fluffy fire. I imagine it is like a human being in a hot tub.

3 thoughts on “Mojave Desert – First stop, Barstow, CA, KOA

  1. Hey! How did you go backing out this morning? 🙂

    You are painting a lovely, picturesque scene. High desert? Is that due to altitude?

    I know just how Alias feels. It was pretty cold this morning but the sun was out so took advantage of it and sat in a chair in the backyard and lapped it up. So hard to stay awake in that situation, I love it.

    • I was fortunate! They put me in a pull-through slot. So I didn’t have to back out. Pulling out, I did just fine, like you told me I’d do (smile).

      Yes, the High Desert is 2,000 to 5,000 feet – according to online sources.

      Did you fall asleep in your chair this morning? It sounds so lovely.

      • I did fall asleep. I was just like one of those kitties you see falling asleep in a YT vid. Eyes slooowly closing, head drooping.. zzzzzz, out to it!

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