Objects larger than they appear

CJ Banks, Lane Bryant…. well-known stores for the larger of us ladies. CJ is my favorite store of all clothing, they fit me perfectly to my size.

BUT…. oh wait let’s look at the models on both these sites online. They are “larger” but not where most of us are larger. They are? They are fat ladies? Oh let’s just say it. We’re fat.

These models are not fat, they are well-proportioned (who in the world has all their fat go body-wide and not to just a huge tummy or a huge pair of hips, not to mention a huge neck?).

No, they are not us. They are selling to us, but I want to see ONE, just ONE, model that looks like me, sags and bags and non-unified bulges.

There I said it.

6 thoughts on “Objects larger than they appear

  1. I’ve always said that true beauty has little to do with the outer you, it’s the inner you. Beauty is typecast, packaged, labelled and sold to the public in glossy or mat finish form, and that’s a big contributor to why the world’s values are so adrift. You keep on being beautiful, Ms Paws. 🙂

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