Needles, California – KOA

Second stop: Needles, California.

The Mojave Desert is at my back and the beautiful green town ahead of me is along a river.

On the way here I passed many washes, all with no names. They were lonely, barren, sad washes, with only burning tracks of ATV wheels defining them.

Very little wildlife was seen in that part of desert heat. In this part, there is a river, so birds abound. It is 100F on the dot.

This park has very few people. The ground is hot dirt-rock and hard as this sun, which is teaching me to appreciate the wisdom of getting two air-conditioners.

I cannot get the Survivor finale on my batwing, so I will be viewing it in the clubhouse. They said I could stay as long as I like. Great news!

4 thoughts on “Needles, California – KOA

  1. 100F!! I could do with that right now. Again you are painting a vivd picture; you describe the stark beauty so well! 🙂 What do you mean by washes?

  2. Ive never been to, scene a desert ….GOOD NEWS theyve BP plugged the one pipe leaking oil pipe with a tube , better but what a mess NOT over yet … will be neat to see your vids on YT…..later Patrick

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