About the Blogger

River used to live in a 5th wheel RV with four cats and several plants in various stages of health (the plants). She was very happy.

Life took a drastic turn for the worse. Her entire world crashed to pieces. Chaos reigned, depression set in.

Then she healed with the help of a rescue kitten named Jackson, just as she had healed 19 years earlier with the help of a homeless kitten named Alias.

Now she is starting anew in 2018 with two new kitties, in a new 5th wheel RV, with a new outlook on life.

Follow, as she winds through it.

4 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. You said your planning a trip to Colorado, I was stationed there back in the early 70’s in Denver. Now I have yet to get the chance to return. I will say this about Colorado. It has a very diversified landscape and the beauty abounds everywhere you look. While there, I went every weekend in a different direction and saw so many different things. If you do get to the Denver area, I strongly recommend you visit Estes Park and take a trip up Trail Ridge Road to the Continental Divide. The view is well worth the trip up.

    • Hi Gary,

      Thank you for your words about Colorado. I’m so excited. I will take your advice and see Estes Park and Trail Ridge Road. Do you know how long it takes to get to each from Denver? I LOVE mountain views. It sounds like you enjoyed your stationing there very much. What do you think about Garden of the Gods?

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