Trip “not finis” and a giant BOOM!

I’m still sitting in Oregon. Port Orford’s tiny fishing village vibe has gripped me by the soul. I have much to write about, 99% of it good. But I need to backstep, backtrack…. to write about places I’ve made notes about, as it will soon be time to leave my agate and jasper strewn black sand beach, and I do not wish to forget the trail which led me here.

The earthquake shook me with a boom! I was quietly relaxing in my recliner on the extended slide out, which means basically hanging in mid-air, when it happened. A deep single popping boom followed by vibrations and bouncing and a rumbled groan from Seashell stunned me. It did not “roll” like most earthquakes that I have experienced. It bounced straight up and down.

At first I assumed this was due to the construction of the slide out. But reports from townsfolk in “sticks and bricks” and up as far as Portland five hours away, indicated that it was indeed a straight up and down bounce. An active volcanic plate offshore, increasing in said action, is being closely watched.

A tsunami alert was not issued, but some folks jumped in their cars and fled up “coastguard hill” anyway. Some drunken folks from a bar ran down to the harbor to see if the water was going out. I sat in my chair wondering what to do, eventually realizing that I should go outside to turn off the propane tanks, also being thankful that I had properly chocked the tires.

I now have gathered a “go bag” as instructed by local emergency personnel, and I have also learned of the location on Jackson street with supplies meant only for children separated from their parents in such a case. They really should have been cautious about telling the general public about that. Of course, I just did.

At first reported one mile offshore, with the epicenter at our harbor, it was changed to be inland, almost completely underneath me. No wonder the boom rattled into my chest.

This excitement having passed, and the 3 aftershocks also passed…. we now focus on my backtracking to my journey here. And even with that eye opener that the power of Oregon lies not only in her massive storm waves, but in her power beneath the ground, I yet remain.

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