*Humbled, lost, found*

As the trip winds down with only 1/4 of what I’d planned, since I came to a screeching halt in Oregon, I’m reminded of how long I saved money for it, this promise of seeing places, experiencing things, visiting those long “out of reach” worlds that I’d only dreamed of. It’s been so much better than my dreams!

I’ve been completely out of my comfort zone, alternately happy, worried, bored, frustrated, frightened, exhilarated, ecstatic, calm, lost, and ultimately found.

We live in a beautiful country filled with diverse cultures and places. I’ve met fascinating people along my journey, from all walks of life. Each will forever be a part of me, as I carry their memories in this happy heart. I will write soon about some particular ones.

I thank God for this mind blowing opportunity and I am humbled by it.

Trip, finis. I will miss you, yet never lose you.

4 thoughts on “*Humbled, lost, found*

  1. Not enough details lady! Are you in sticks n bricks now? Did you sell your 5th wheel? Why did you pick Oregon? Miss you. I’ll be in Texas most of the winter. Take care.

    • Hi Tina, I’m still in the 5th wheel (named her Seashell). I have longed to see Oregon for years. Now I’m in Washington. I love it up here. See you soon in Texas!

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