Somewhere in Oklahoma

Well, I am not sure where I am. I drove 9 hours from Houston up through Texas and into Oklahoma until my eyes got blurry and crossed.

I am shortly below OKC at a $20 park called American RV. Nothing here but wind and more wind and gravel. Great place and I’ll stay here again for sure. It’s so cheap and quiet. Except for the wind. It is very rural and no one would know it was here if it were not for a tiny sign on I-35.

So tired. Can I make it to Salina, Kansas today? Or should I stay here another night? I am quite early and need to manage Castle Rock, Colorado by mid-Saturday and not Friday night. haha!

2 thoughts on “Somewhere in Oklahoma

  1. Nowhere land sounds good to me! I like getting lost. Hmm you’re in a dilemma; it’s all in the timing. Would it matter if you were late arriving at Colorado?

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