Found out where I was + Salina, KS (KOA)

Apparently I was in Wayne, OK overnight. This is where my Twinnie’s (secret code) daddy was born. It roared wind all night. I could take out my hearing aid but could not escape the shaking and trembling of Serenity.

I drove onward, through plains and plains of nothing. I apologize to all Oklahoma and Kansas residents, but there is nothing here that interests me. I did pass by towns with names like Comanche and Shawnee, leaving in my mind, the ugly freeway and tin-roofed barns to vanish into an imagination of Indians stationed on the low hills. What it must have been like, for the early pioneers! And for the Native Americans, as they were invaded…..

Salina was pouring rain last year when I arrived. Yesterday it poured rain again (I told them it was because I was coming) and the ground is still muddy. But this little park (KOA) is surrounded by trees and sheltered from the cold wind.

It feels good to be cool/cold again.

3 thoughts on “Found out where I was + Salina, KS (KOA)

  1. Wayne the town? It’s gotta be an awesome place even if there’s nothing there. Who was the founder of Wayne – Wayne? I bet there’s a coke machine on every corner! 😉

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