Kosse, Texas (stop one) (Camp Kosse RV Park)

Never seen so many trains in all my life.  Their lonesome cries echo across the flat landscape, where there is only rain, gravel, dirt and mud, old buildings crumbling, a cafe, truck stop, cows.

The town itself was born in the 1860’s, as, you guessed it, a railroad town.

The notorious John Wesley Hardin (said to have killed 42 men) killed a man here back in 1869.  It apparently had a downtown and a hotel back then, as a bustling railroad center, since that is where he killed the fellow.  He was escorting a saloon girl home when he was confronted by a man demanding money.  He threw his money on the ground and shot the would-be thief when he bent to pick it up.  It was to be a year before he killed again.

Also, Bob Wills, the “King of Texas Swing” music was born here in 1905.

9 thoughts on “Kosse, Texas (stop one) (Camp Kosse RV Park)

  1. I had no idea of any of that! Had did you find out all that info.? Did you do the research before you left? If so, did you plan to stop there?

  2. Very interesting! Us Aussies by and large have a romantic view of U.S 19th century history. It conjures up for me visions of Wild West movies, hobos, outlaw country. 🙂

    Only 300 people? Just like our little towns in the middle of nowhere. Is there much to do there?

    BTW, John Wesley Hardin had a song written about him by Bob Dylan back in 1967 simply called “John Wesley Harding.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3QzquTXlBU

  3. Hey lovely,
    Sorry this isn’t related to your post. I just wanted to tell you a little more about Basil and that blasted Twitter frustrates me by limiting the number of characters we can use.
    You asked if we’ll be ok.. well yes, darling. We will. Basil, I’m pretty sure won’t last this year but he’s had a good life and for that I’m happy.
    Of course I’ll be sad when he goes but at the same time it will be a welcome relief. You see, he has dementia as well which for some reason has him meowing all day long which frankly drives me to distraction and has started causing issues between me and hubby. He never really liked cats and he’s always shouting at Basil to shut up.. which of course puts me on the defensive ‘Ahh leave him the eff alone, he’s old, he can’t help it etc etc’.
    I dunno, it just causes bad feeling. So yes, I’ll miss him and I will be sad.. but at the same time we’ve given him an awesome life which makes me happy.
    If he deteriorates anymore I may consider saying goodbye with a little help from the vet. xx

    • Sarah I’m so sorry about Basil. Like you said, he has lived a good life and we must often make the decisions for our animal family members, as to whether Vet help or time would be most merciful. Having hubby shout at him will only make him feel worse, I am afraid to say. I’m sure it hurts him emotionally and mentally, which in turn affects his physical health. I can only imagine the constant meowing…. maybe it is…. time now?

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