San Angelo, Texas (stop two) (Spring Creek Marina and RV Park)

Here we are at stop two on our westward journey.  We drove about 200 miles yesterday from Kosse, leaving at 7:30am.

Pulling this rig sure is hard.  It takes all of my attention, but I did manage to see deer, antelope, hawks, geese, and a whole lot of cows.

We drove through ranching country where literally every inch of ground was a ranch and all seemed to advertise bulls for sale or service.  Got a little tired of reading about bulls.  lol

We also passed a sheep ranch, right in the middle of the cattle ranches.  Also saw alot of little goat ranches (they are so cute).

There was frost on the shrub trees and grass.  It all looked like it was ready to pour milk and syrup on, for an icy snack.

We arrived in San Angelo at 5pm.  We are in the nicest little RV park.  It is gravel pads and right by a little lake.  I helped to hook up Dad’s rig and then my own.

The cats took this trip well, though there was a mad race to the litterbox when I let them out.  Danny was loose in the living/dining area and just seemed to relax, even when I put the slides out.  He had even come out and used the litterbox, little good boy!

San Angelo has about 93,000 residents, with an Air Force base here.  This is where the Air Force wanted to station me, had I accepted their career offer as a civilian computer programmer.  I turned them down and chose Pennzoil, in Houston, which to me, is a nicer city, and not so much in the middle of nowhere.

I do feel like we are in the middle of nowhere, and I guess we literally are.  The countryside is beautiful, though the city right now is dusty in places, and green in others.

Some common aliases or nicknames of San Angelo include The River City, The Concho City, The Pearl of the Conchos, and The Oasis of West Texas; many residents refer to it as simply “Angelo”.

The historic Fort Concho is here.   It mainly served to protect frontier settlers, stagecoaches, wagon trains, and the mail.

Several campaigns against the Comanches were launched from Fort Concho (although the land was rightfully settled and lived upon by the Comanches themselves).  In addition, the post played a pivotal role in the suppression of illegal profiteering between Mexican and US traders called the Comancheros.

It’s still cold and nothing to block the wind.  Here I sit in my warm 5ver, my blessed Serenity, realizing I have to go out and see something.  I must!

5 thoughts on “San Angelo, Texas (stop two) (Spring Creek Marina and RV Park)

    • They do have tours but no one will go with me! 😦 I might go alone, they have a tour today at 4pm. There is also Miss Hattie’s Bordello museum (LOL) a place that ran for 50 years. I want to go there too.

  1. I’m happy to hear the puddy tats are cheery and Danny is laid back and in that uber cool nonchalant Siamese way of his lol.

    What a pretty picture you paint. I’m familiar with that sense of being in the middle of nowhere as Australia is quite empty when you approach it’s interior. Like you, the vista would be open plains, cattle ranches but mostly sheep stations.

    Thx for telling us about Fort Concho (See, the Wild West- I LOVE IT lol!) No doubt the Comanchero bikers got there name from the illegal Mexican and US traders. Will you be paying a visit to Fort Concho?

    • Danny is freaking me out with how uber-cool he is being. I wonder if they switched cats on me somewhere?

      Do you ever actually feel claustraphobic when out in the middle of nowhere? Like the walls are closing in on you with an invisible heavy weight of nothingness?

      • No I don’t but I know exactly what you mean. It’s the lack of comforting parameters around you – too little space or two much space. I love the wide open spaces but admit that it can be a little spooky.

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