Why “Serenity”?

That’s what I named this ole bucket.  Serenity.  Nothing serene about the trip ahead, we’re going into an adventure.

No, Serenity is named after the god Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” television series which, inexplicably, FOX canceled after one season.  The “western in space” was a cult hit across the globe.  Our fine cast of outlaw characters lived, and often fought, in a spaceship called Serenity.

She was a cozy ship, built to last.  She held together her crew, her fast friends who soon would risk their lives for another (her name was River), as they ambled across the galaxies, making their own way through a world they felt they did not belong in.

The nine members of the crew were each on their own journey, outrunning or outlasting *something* – – the ship itself was named after the greatest loss and defeat in a war the captain fought in and lost in, bitterly entrenching her last gasp in memory by the naming of the ship, after the Battle of Serenity Valley, where his last hope drifted away.  Nothing else mattered then, except Serenity.

Thus, Serenity.

6 thoughts on “Why “Serenity”?

  1. Not familiar with your reference TV series but as you explain it I can tell that naming your RV after such a ship is just perfect and may you have a serene journey with no bumps in the road. Wish I could be rolling right along with ya girlfriend!

  2. Well chosen name, Ms Paws. I know how much you loved Firefly so what better name? So too will your mobile abode take you to far flung parts of your world. Ever reliable, cozy and made to last. 🙂

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