1st Bitter Cold (Cypress Bend Park – Toledo Town, Louisiana)

First hard freeze in Serenity will be this week, so I am only staying in Houston one night instead of four.  I need to be here to monitor panels and not leave the cats alone, just in case.

Got two 60 lb propane tanks filled today and made a resolution to get to the point where I can actually lift 60 lbs and not have to ask for help.

Tank heaters are on, going to let faucets drip.  She’s  burning propane and I can just hear the dollars ticking away.  ($20 per tank)

But we are warm.  Got the space heater on as well.  It’s bitter cold.

2 thoughts on “1st Bitter Cold (Cypress Bend Park – Toledo Town, Louisiana)

  1. Oh Riv, don’t use precious propane for heat more than you have to – use a little electric heater or two if you are hooked up to an electrical site anyway and don’t have to pay extra for how much you use. Electricity is much cheaper than propane and no lugging of heavy tanks! Save the propane for cooking and heating water. I speak from TV experience!

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