Colorado bound – flying!

Ah, so it’s a rainy and stormy day here in Houston.  I have found a much cheaper, safer, better (ie. closer to the beach) place for next winter, in Kemah.

As January 23rd approaches, I find my pulse racing.  I will soon be back in Castle Rock, cuddled up amongst the mountains, the Front Range before me, luring me, making me long for her.  I will be for a short time, but will whet my appetite for May!

I will be with Jacki, best friend of my life.  We will look at her Christmas tree once last time (for this year) and then take it down with the best of care.  Next year it will be splendid again, for it was Christopher’s tree!  Yes, folks, that’s what makes it the best of the best of the trees.

2 thoughts on “Colorado bound – flying!

    • Wayne, I’ll sleep the whole way on the plane, I’m sure! But will get out rent an SUV, and enjoy the snow! Looking forward to friends and new times. In May I’ll be there for real.

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