Sleeping with Ashes

Life is an odd creature. It delights and nurtures, yet simultaneously tries its best to kill us. Death forms a punch that is physical, most certainly. It also punches as abandonment, loss of friendships or romantic partners, and often the very despondency of the soul. It shines in macabre effort.

Rocket the raccoon, the heavy weapons mercenary in “Guardians of the Galaxy” said it best, although decidedly without gentleness in the moment: “Everybody’s got dead people.”

Apply that to emotional pain. Everybody’s got it.

Move on, allowing that insidious effort to scar if need be, but not win. Shine, for the fact that you made it. Stay above that borderline of depression or anger, accepting that the mercenary was right.

Cremate the pain and sleep soundly. Just do it. Tomorrow is another day.

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