The strangest of companions…

Traveling solo has a shared partition between “I’m a happy loner” and the descent of sudden loneliness, although the kittens are terrific company.

I have had the opportunity to meet up with human friends along the way and it’s been wonderful.

But there have been moments when I made unconventional friends.

I met “King” at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Forest. He was miffed that I would not feed him a cracker and surely let me know it. There were others to ask this of, so I think he was giving me a stern lesson in the politeness of sharing meals with strangers.

“Tailspin” bounced among the rocks and grasses at my feet as I tried to enjoy a Yosemite view as well. His inquisitive expressions made me smile. Why yes, Tailspin, I am from far, far away.

“Not a boat” fluffed his tail feathers at me on the Monterey, California fishing pier and uttered sounds that I am certain were deep insights about whales, sea otters, and fish.

“Chowchilla” joined me for a quiet breakfast at the RV park in Chowchilla, but he did not have much to say.

I wish my new friends good futures as I continue on my journey.

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