So much to say!

My last blog entry was a lifetime ago. I am a different person now for so many reasons. I am now a person I am happy with. I have not been happy with who I am for some time, so this is a welcome change.

My life on the road has been with ups and downs, sometimes in what seems drastic measures if I were to put them on a chart.

From the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, high, dry, and cool,to the hot and humid East Texas piney woods, down to the winter heaven of Jamaica Beach, Texas with her tons of seashells and often the entire beach to myself, to where I now sit in the California desert at a current temperature of 102F and rising, the trail has been wide and narrow, long and sad, inevitably happy, and exhausting.

“Lady Lemon” has been renamed “Seashell” and my mood has improved with that.

I meant to blog along my routes, but I did take some notes. Maybe tonight I will wax poetic and fill in some steps in reverse.

Right now I drape myself over the floor fan as my 2nd a/c has decided to pass to some sort of “between frozen and death” purgatory. The kittens and I are infinitely thankful for the 15K BTU a/c in the bedroom, though it doesn’t reach beyond the door enough to cool the living room.

Meanwhile I think we should all move into the bedroom. Come along with me, but only for the cool a/c.  *chuckle*

2 thoughts on “So much to say!

    • Hi Tina! It’s great to hear from you. Be safe in OKC. My cousins live there and they like it in spite of tornados. Are you looking forward to Galveston again? I am in California because I thought I would take a cross-country trip all the way around west to east, then back to Galveston for the winter.

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