Three days of Fireflies and Death Stars…..

The 2014 Dallas Comic-Con took my breath away.

The first day was a jumbled compilation of dazed expressions, wandering aimlessly, and “I can’t get wi-fi” – soon followed by “Boba Fett shot me!” and squeals of delight when spotting various X-men, Spidermen, and Batmen.

The ever-charming Adam Baldwin (no, not related to *those* ones) led a panel that quickly turned into a Jayne-hat-themed fan room from which echoed the song refrains from “The Hero of Canton.”

Nathan “Captain Tightpants” Fillion was the guest of the funniest discussion panel of all time, noticeably replacing Castle in fandom attending.  This man never lets a joke get old.  He also has the patience of a saint.  In addition, when asked by a teeny tiny fan “What is your favorite animal?” he delighted every catlady on the planet by replying “a cat.”

The Firefly cast panel, which the line was too long for us to get into (wrap your head around that after I tell you we stood in line nearly 3 hours to see Capt Tightpants), had a close call with a falling side panel (not to be confused with a falling discussion panel, although I would not have minded Adam Baldwin falling into my lap at any moment) in which the Hero of Canton jumped forward to assist, like the roguish gentleman (?) he is.  On second thought, maybe he was just trying to save Vera.

Name a tv show or movie that is rife with geeky fans, any of them, and that is what we saw at every turn, with the most delightful and creative costumes worn by enthusiastic fans in attendance.  I have an entire year to lose enough weight to turn myself into a caucasian version of Zoe Washburn.

Captain Mal’s jacket and guns were everywhere, as were Wash’s dinosaurs and Hawaiian shirt.  Little Kaylee, with her heart and teddy bear mechanic jumpsuit, was cloned to cute perfection numerous times over.

I wanted to follow Wolverine down an isle but he quickly disappeared, presumably hijacked by Sabertooth, although I never actually saw him move through the night on little cat feet.  Drats.

Randomly yelling “Troopers!” would have gotten me a blindingly white and dashing photo for the ages.

Not to be left out of Hollywood geekery representation, the Steampunks were delightfully everywhere.  Making one’s own costume, thereby “correct” as opposed to “look let’s buy that” was in high pride, and rightfully so.  Those people are creative.

The Governor was a nice panel guest, but Merle Dixon stole the show.  Michael Rooker is downright hysterical and so full of energy that he seems like he’s going to jump over the table into the audience at any second.  “Hey Merle, over here please, we found your chopped off hand.”

The Supernatural car’s trunk was simply astounding in it’s overflowy-ness.  Alas, no Sam or Dean, but plenty of salt.

The Jurrassic Park jeep seemed oddly out of place, just sitting there alone.

On to the Zombie interactive shooting range…..  aim for the brain, folks, aim for the brain.

*somewhere in the middle of this, we found the oddest pizza ever*


“I’m not sure what/who that was… but, dang what a great costume….”

Don’t mess with furries, apparently.  It seems they pretty much kept to themselves anyway.

My friend made the wise observation that if a man is dressed in superhero tights, he still needs to wear a sport cup.  We don’t need to see your giblets.  Ok ok, there was also a slave-chained Princess Leia with absolutely no frontal modesty whatsoever.  You can feel better now.

Oh the childlike astonishment at realizing Cat Woman and Bat Girl also get tired feet in those heels.

Mr. Stan Lee, your autograph signing line was just too long.  So was Freddy Krueger’s, although I might have waited longer considering he was slashing people to bloody shreds in each photo op!

I still never found the wookie.

Ah, next year, Dallas, next year.

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