Willie Nelson

Yes, “On the Road Again” and now that song is in your head, isn’t it?

Things here did not turn out as I had hoped.  So I’m outta here and moving on to my dream.  Five years trapped in a  love circle…. and I’m not complaining.  Just love kept me in a circle to where I could not fulfill my travel dream that I had in the beginning to RV.

Dad passed, my friend here is dead to me by their own choice.  So…. I now only have a half arc of relatives in California and friends in Texas, as opposed to an entire circle of visit obligations.  This is not as bad as it sounds.  I mourned both.  Now it’s time for Willie Nelson to sing.

I sold Serenity and am buying a new fifth wheel.  Packing is fun with Alias helping me by investigating each box.  The storage unit is getting pretty full.

I love making RV salesmen twitchy.  Just keep coming down boys…. you’ll get your commission as soon as you agree that we will both hurt in the price negotiations.  I simply desire for both of us to hurt evenly on getting and giving money.  Btw, I know I really freaked you out by inviting you to join me as I crawled underneath that fifth wheel you are trying to sell me.  Sorry about that.  Well, no, not really.  I just wanted to see you twitch.



4 thoughts on “Willie Nelson

  1. Fare thee well, Serenity, a job well done, but now it’s time to step aside for new blood.

    The same goes for you Ms Paws. Nothing ever stays the same … but your dream can. It’s the one consistent thing in your life these days; the one thing that can bring fullfilment, because it’s free and you don’t have to rely on anyone to make it come true, just you and a good set of wheels.

    I’m sorry about your losses but there are plenty of gains awaiting you … so get moving!

    I see Alias is still with you! Wonderful. Geoffrey is on his last legs at 11yo but he’s had a good life …. and still umm accomplished at his infamous party trick.

    I hope you make the right choice when choosing your new RV. And I do hope everything goes smoothly for this next leg of your travel dream.

    You belong on the road. Take care.

    • Linda, that is right! “The Wayward Wind is a restless wind that yearns to wander…” I sure do love that song. Now I finally will get to see the Eastern Seaboard.

  2. Thank you, Wayne. You are right. Only rely on myself, God, and the wind. I do have some good friends though, that haven’t gotten weird. I would love to fix things up with this one friend, but I’m hitting a brick wall. I am finished crying!

    Alias is not doing well either, but he’s hanging in there. This July he will be 17. I am so glad Geoffrey is still with you. 11 is a long and good life for a dog. And he sure has been pampered, as has Alias.

    Party tricks have becomes Alias’s forte as well, although a different type…. let’s just say he “appreciates” his favorite toy a little too much.

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