He left this world on May 6, 2011. His death, by my help, was brought on my complications from diabetes (not responding to anything) and pancreatic issues, and of course his old age at 14 added to this difficulty.

He was my “Golden Bear” and able to rally, literally, from everything placed within his path, whether it be emotional or physical. This…. he could not rally from. I miss him and want him back, healthy and happy. I miss him. I love him. His ashes are on my counter in an engraved box with a white candle. Oh how I miss him. I miss his eyes, his fur, his big nose, his meek meow, his shy shadows.

I miss you, Danny. I love you.

6 thoughts on “Danny

  1. Aww Ms Paws. I know, but time will heal. You never completely get over a loss but it’ll be easier to handle one day. ((hug))

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