Raton, New Mexico & Pueblo, Colorao (KOA)

I never thought I’d be so happy to see cows. As the landscape changed from desert to rolling plains bowled by snow-streaked mountains, the cows began to appear. There was water in the streams and small ponds. Pine trees emerged, along with other local trees that I cannot identify properly.

The town of Raton was not interesting at all, nor is Pueblo. They are pretty normal and blah.

This morning, however, Raton Pass grew above me as Serenity was pulled up through gorgeous scenery that I can beg off describing, since it is too much for words.

It is hot though, right about 92F at the moment.

This is a very short and non-descriptive blog, since I am still not feeling back up to par.

Three days here and tomorrow, Castle Rock, here I come!

8 thoughts on “Raton, New Mexico & Pueblo, Colorao (KOA)

  1. For a “non-descriptive” post, I’d say you left me with a pretty picture! 🙂 Hope you are up to par and even better soon!


  2. Castle Rock IS the place to be….’cuz I’M here!!! And BTW…I love Raton…remember when we were there? We saw the volcano and that really cute guy cut the tag out of your new shirt? How could you forget that?

  3. I wonder what attracts people to live in those little towns in the middle of nowhere? Maybe it’s an escape from city life or just born and bred there. I’d be happy visiting but I couldn’t live there.

    Keeping cool? Drink plenty of water! 😀

  4. I’ve often thought the same thing about those little towns in the middle of no where. We traveled by car from Indiana to Nevada and I was amazed at the sites and kept thinking to myself “someone would have to drive 50+ miles for a decent grocery store” around here. hahaha Enjoy your travels and I hope you are feeling better!

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