Santa Fe, New Mexico (KOA)

I am actually in a small area called “Eldorado” and it is a lovely hippy type community. Breakfast was at “True Nation” and the place has pillows to lay around on while you drink coffee. Very cool.

All the buildings here, and I do mean all, are brown adobe pueblo style. They are beautiful, but it is impossible to find anything. It’s all brown and hidden in the landscape. Took me almost an hour to distinguish the fire department from the elementary school from the grocery store.

There will be no real blog this time, because I am sick.

1 thought on “Santa Fe, New Mexico (KOA)

  1. I love the way the buildings blend so naturally with the landscape..BUT look at that brilliant blue sky! Friends who’ve been to the U.S tell me how vibrant in colour the landscape is, I can tell from your photos.

    Isn’t there a more famous, larger town called El Dorado in the U.S? 🙂

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