Albuquerque, New Mexico

The landscape is the same, but changes slowly to buttes and mesas, some flat and some razored like a lizard’s back.

The houses here are all brown. The buildings downtown are brown. The University of New Mexico is brown. Everywhere I look there are no colors, just brown. Not sure that I like this.

Old Town was different, much different, than when I was a child or pre-teen. The square still has Indian blankets spread out, with jewelry offered for sale, but not many Native Americans manning them. I only counted 5 blankets. There used to be so many.

The square has turned into expensive shops with pottery, dream catchers, and jewelry beyond my budget.

I buy a $24 pair of earrings off the blankets.

The park warns today of 50-55 mph wind gusts for the next couple of days. Katy bar the door!

I will have dinner with a friend tomorrow.

That is about all I have to say about this city. It is a sprawling, large, dust bowl of brown.

Don’t really like it here.

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