Albuquerque, New Mexico (Part 2) (KOA)

Forgot to mention the church. This church on the square was founded in 1702 and remodeled many times, but each holding it’s own to the former model, still looking very much like adobe 1800’s.

It is stunning. I am not Catholic but I sit in the back, watching the First Communion of several children. The girls are dressed in white bridal gowns, the boys in white suits. They come before the priest and the Church.

I cry. I have not been in the house of the Lord in years. I bend to my knees and pray and cry. I praise the Lord and I beg His forgiveness and blessings. I praise His name. I praise His name to the world.

As I cry, no one is surprised. I like this.

6 thoughts on “Albuquerque, New Mexico (Part 2) (KOA)

  1. You know, I must admit, though i’m an atheist, there’s a tranquility and a rather overwhelming feeling of sanctuary inside a church. You might be surprised but now and then i’ll pop into a nearby church either in the city of where I live just to feel that sanctity. 🙂

  2. When I was there last summer, that church was one of my stops and it kinda weirded me out…well, I mean the statues weirded me out, But didn’t you love the little giftie shop attached? The rest of Old Albuquerque was wonderful with all the shops and restaurants.

    • I loved shopping!!!! Window shopping that is. Although I did buy the blanket you saw on top of my couch back. I didn’t go into the church giftshop, as I figured it would be mostly bibles and such?

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