Holbrook, New Mexico – KOA

Holbrook, New Mexico: The town with nothing there.

I stopped along the way and saw the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, and heard a ranger program on plants and animals of whatever ancient time period that was, that I cannot spell nor pronounce.

I am grumpy today. So that is all the blogging I can do.

Oh and the landscape is back down to the Mojave Desert type. Very beautiful, but strangely…. no wildlife. Not even birds. Very odd feeling.

3 thoughts on “Holbrook, New Mexico – KOA

  1. Aww grumpy River Birchy girl? 🙂

    We have plenty of towns with “nothing there” too. Makes you wonder why people live in them.

    There’s a movie called The Petrified Forest. Have you seen it?

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