Magical Sedona, Arizona

I came down for the day and my heart stayed. My soul communed with God and my tears flowed for joy. The Lord made this land, watched it evolve, and then gave it to us, his creations, to enjoy.

Sedona is a New Age town, full of vortexes, crystals, reiki, fortune telling, and symbolic jewelry. If one holds fast to Christianity, one can find God in these rising peaks of sand, rose, red, purple, iron and salt.

I took an off-road jeep tour (my 43-yr old back still hates me) that centered around the mystical vortexes. I do not believe in vortexes per se, but I figured they would be the places less travelled, the places less developed, the places the most quiet amongst the backdrop of this ancient place. I was right.

I bought a Rainbow Moonstone necklace and a Spirit Bear (protector of travellers) ring.

Breakfast was a strange version of Southern Biscuits and Gravy. I would not recommend trying it.

So many people, so many peaks, so many pines, so many oaks, so many words to God.

4 thoughts on “Magical Sedona, Arizona

  1. Beautifully written as usual. 🙂 Why do you think Sedona attracts so many New Age people? Is it the scenic splendour of Sedona do you think?

    • That is a great question. It started with the Native Americans, who viewed the area as sacred. They still view it as sacred and have many meetings here and do not like what we have done with it.

      I think some people took that and ran with it, but the feeling of “sacred” is very strong among those pillars, mounds, and cliffs. So much detail is here and indeed the sun, rising or setting, sets off shadows as many significant shapes and colors.

  2. I wish you’d also gotten a moonstone for your twinnie…you now that is our other birthstone don’t you?

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