Flagstaff, Arizona – KOA

Scrub trees give birth to rolling green with water! Water! Water has reached this area and now washes have names like Shinarump (let’s not ask), Fry, and Rattlesnake.

As the roads climb higher, there are meadows with standing water! Water with standing meadows! Signs warn of Elk, and Ponderosa Pines line the roadways.

The wind is high, I can feel it bumping Serenity’s sides like a drum. I worry and wonder how I would correct a spin, what with the wheel turning opposite her.

The park is tight. Tight, tight, tight. How did I get Serenity in here? Pines close, squirrels, ringneck Doves, neighbors helping me get settled and unhooked. Canadians are so nice. The man is German and his wife is Canadian and he has lived in Canada for a very long time, however his W’s are still V’s. They make me feel safe and at home.

3 thoughts on “Flagstaff, Arizona – KOA

  1. I love this comment. Your blog is becoming a journal and that’s great, IMO. 🙂

    Do you get native animals sitting on the roof of Serenity – like a squrrel might get curious and make itself comfortable on the roof?

    • I’m printing it out as I go along, too, in case wordpress gets ill. lol

      A dove made itself comfy on my roof for awhile, actually on top of my sat dish. I wasn’t happy about it’s choice of perch.

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