Sedona is bursting with them. Each type is held in awe for things such as symbolism of fertility, well-being, Goddess closeness, foresight, healing, reiki and chakra balace, whatever the mind desires.

I believe not in crystals, but firmly in the power of the mind. This is why I believe many are here in Sedona. The crystals bring a sense of pampering, a sense of an answer, a sense of self. These things are outside of God, but I do believe strongly in the sense of self, the imagination of self, to want to believe these things. I do not believe them.

On the other hand they are beautiful. I bought one because its beauty was stunning and lured me in. “Think not only of it’s beauty” said the saleswoman, “but try it on and most importantly, see how it FEELS”. I feel that it is worth the price, but there is no aura.

Am I a stranger in this thought process? I see Christian churches dotting the hillsides. I would like to hear their teachings on the local beliefs.

Homes also dot the hillsides, fitting snugly into the land, dirt colors, red colors, colorful tiles, hidden courtyards, kokopelli. Stunning.

Back to the stores. Almost every store has incense burning, so pleasant to the senses, I want some. I buy sage.

As a good tourist, I also buy a t-shirt.

Crystals, as lovely as they are, cannot render what my God gives to me.

4 thoughts on “Crystals

  1. I don’t believe in crystals either; I think you are quite right that they give people an “answer” an alternative answer. We live in an age of alternatives and many find this attractive – the idea of being different..unique.

    My mother loves crystals and swears they have healing properties. Truth is they are just rocks but if you believe in something enough you’ll convince yourself they work. It’s the old placebo/sugar pill thing. 🙂

    BUT, I love having crystals around for their sheer beauty and the link to mother nature they give.

    • Yes, you hit the nail on the head…. being special and unique. People want that feeling.

      And like you, I love having them around for their beauty and link to the earth.

  2. You know how much I love my crystals…not for any religious significance but simply for the memories of the giver. The sentimental value…and their color and brilliance.

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