Planning heart attacks

I have been planning my next trip, from here in California to Colorado.

Planning heart attacks, where does that come in? With each leg of wondering where diesel fuel is. With each leg of wondering if I’m staying at a scary RV park (don’t know until I get there) or cannot fit into a spot by myself.

I have it set at leaving here on May 15th and arriving there on June 1st. Now working on reservations.

Will be stopping at a battlefield of the War Between the States in New Mexico, spending an enlightening day at Sedona (New Mexico), and seeing Old Towne Albuquerquere, New Mexico.

We’re on our own, kids!

7 thoughts on “Planning heart attacks

  1. I guess staying at RV parks is something of a lottery, you never know what you’re going to get…so keep safe, and keep loaded, Ms Paws! 🙂

    New Mexico!! I hope you take some footage of the battlefield.

    I SO love to travel; you know, just get up and go, but the reality is it pays to be plan ahead thoroughly. You’d be in a real pickle if you ran out of diesel in the middle of nowhere.

  2. Exactly a lottery. Good way to put it. lol! And a pins-and-needles feeling.

    Yes, you must plan to where there are parks to begin with, along with fuel. You kind of have to plan where to find a park, rather than plan where you want to go.

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