I have been lax in continuing my blog. I got to California and my brain died from overload.

I adore the pulse of the big city, her dark and light sides. I adore the traffic jams and people yelling. I adore the food, the goods and services provided. I adore people-watching, both the ultra-strange and normal folks.

Ate the famous “Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner” at Knott’s Berry Farm. It has been there since 1925 or thereabouts. I had it in the form of chicken and dumplings, California style. This means the dumplings and chicken both had to be cut into the gravy. It was delicious but alot of work. Southern style is better; you just plow in and eat it.

I love California! I’m so happy!

4 thoughts on “Overload

  1. California sounds such a buzz. We know it for it’s esoteric let it all hang out lifestyle. People will try anything there, that’s my kind of place.

    What kind of ultra-strange types have you seen?

    Chicken sounds nice! What do you mean “cut into the gravy?”

  2. “Cut into the gravy” means that you must take HUGE pieces of chicken and biscuits and cut them up into bite-sized pieces (why did the cook not do this in the first place) and then mix them into the gravy. It’s weird, I tell you. Tasty but weird.

    I love the ultra-expressive people, with colored hair or the hippy-dressers, which my dad and wife vehemently criticize while I sit there quietly. As soon as they leave, I’m buying hippy and artsy clothes. I want to be an “artsy type of hippy” as it suits my spirit.

    I feel I might not leave here for at least a year.

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