Lordsburg, New Mexico (KOA)

We crossed the High Plains, the Continental Divide, and entered into a new time zone, as we continued our journey west.

Saw 4 wild peccary by the side of the road.  I wish I had a way to pull over and photograph them.  There were 3 adults and one little bitty one.

Today we saw a roadrunner and just as I was aiming for the photo, a white Honda came by and scared it off.

Creosote bushes have given way to cactus and desert varieties of what I think are in the palm family.  The air is getting thinner.

We drove around in the countryside

Apparently cactus-carving is a hobby here

Apparently is is a big hobby

It was a ghost town alright. We still don't know what it was.

6 thoughts on “Lordsburg, New Mexico (KOA)

  1. Great photos!

    Peccary? Is that a rodent? I have a picture in my head of a wombat like creature for some reason. I’m also picturing the roadrunner outrunning the Honda! *beep beep*

    Was there anything at all at Shakespeare or just the sign?

    • The peccary is either in the rodent or pig family… not sure which. It looks like a furry-pig. haha!

      Shakespeare was just a building…. with an outbuilding…. and someone’s house. I still can’t figure it out. No one was home.

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