Van Horn, Texas (KOA) )

Mesquite trees have given way to creosote bushes, the landscape changing drastically as we entered just below the High Plains of Texas.

Van Horn was alot of fun.

We found an interesting car

Yes that is a couch.

Our drinks were from Mexico

They had wonderful barbacoa burritos (meat from the head)

This roadside fruit stand reminded me of Panama

2 thoughts on “Van Horn, Texas (KOA) )

  1. LOL look at that zebra car…and the horns! Obviously owned by an introspective, conservative kind of guy – you know, likes to keep a low profile. *guffaw*

    The strawberry drink looks nice. You had the manderin orange one right?

    The burrito looks mouth watering; does the meat from the cow’s head taste any different from the usual?

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