San Angelo, Texas – Part 2

Hearing fighter planes above us, from the Air Force base, training.  How very cool and how very loud!  I can feel the vibrations without my hearing aid on.

Tonight the RV park is having a cook-out and we will be going to that.  Looking forward to it.

The “little lake” I mentioned is actually a very large lake!  It just looked little coming in.

I like this place so much that I will be sure to return.  Won’t be doing any museums this trip, but on the next, when I have longer to stay, I will be going to Historic Fort Concho Museum, and Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum (snicker).

Tonight they had a mesquite-grilled hamburger cookout and we saw 5 deer and a buck out by a man’s trailer who feeds them.

4 thoughts on “San Angelo, Texas – Part 2

  1. Ahhh should have read this before posting my part 1 comment – No museum tours. Bordello museum?? I want plenty of pics of that! Now you have me wondering if we have any equivalents in Oz.

    • I want to stop so badly when I see something, but I cannot in this ole rig. I saw wild peccary and will blog about that too. Wish I could have pulled over like in a car. They were so cool.

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