Picking up rides

Title gotacha, didn’t it?  Admit it!  Ok it was sneaky of me.

But picking up coins is my subject.  Do you?  I pick up every coin I see, every penny I see on the sidewalk.

I detest pennies.  They are useless.  Until I figured out my credit union will allow me to dump all my pennies into their counter machine and get paper cash back (free for members).  Now I hoard pennies like the gold they potentially are.

I used to put them into the toll booth, but they finally put a sign up telling people not to put pennies in.  Drats.

Often when ppl drop one penny, they drop several. Also other things too. Today I found a penny AND a dime outside the gas station. They are both going into my “milk money” jar.

What do you do with lost change or the pennies in your pockets?  Don’t waste them!  Enough pennies will get you a burger.

So what if the burger guy stares menacingly at you while you count out your bill in pennies?  They need pennies.  make him believe that!

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